Laboratory on art, ecology and open electronics


Rubén Suárez, Lorena Lozano, Laboral Centro de Arte


Gijón City Council and Laboral Centro de Arte


UOC, Cataluña Open University

Ecolab generates subjectivities and dynamics in relation to the biosphere and its ecosystems, through the implementation of eco-technologies (high-tech and low-tech). It operates as a node of knowledge that generates education, research and production areas. The South Patio of Laboral is the physical space of ecoLAB, a place that, faced with an apparent formal disorder, hides the beauty and casual wealth of a non-garden. During 2011 and 2012, in collaboration with local and international artists, garden monitoring projects were developed with sensors, visualization of data in image and sound, prototyping of urban agriculture and vernacular architecture, among others.

dates:2011 and 2012
artistic direction:Pedro Soler, Lorena Lozano and Rubén Suárez
documentation:Lorena Lozano
collaborations:Javier Palacios, Re.Colectivo, Cristina Ferrández, Rens Willet, Arquitectos Duque y Zamora, nodalmode, Iwona Pakula, Patricia Vergara, Ignacio A. Sevil, Zoohouse, Ayuntamiento de Somiedo, OKNO, Rens Willet, Jaime Izquierdo, Juanjo Palacios, Nieves González, Melania Fraga, .TAPE., Andy Gracie, Fiumfoto, Paula Pin, Grupo15M Urbanismo Oviedo


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