Presentation of the book «Herbarium. Perspectives on culture and nature by Lorena Lozano + Working Group + FCAYC ».

During the last two years we have been developing a small book that reflects the philosophy of the Herbarium project from its beginning in 2013 until 2017. The book includes texts and images that describe moments and testimonies of the work processes of those five years, a collection of engravings and drawings of plants made by the members of the group and a historical reflection by Antonio Lafuente and Nuria Valverde on botany and modern science in the Spanish colonies. For the presentation Lorena Lozano and some members of the working group will open a debate on the links between inhabitants and landscape and the role of memory and the document regarding the natural elements that consolidate the territory.

The meeting will take place on Friday, November 16, at the Fundación Cerezales Antonio y Cinia at 5.30 p.m.

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