Collaborating in the third edition of the University Classroom «Art, science and society». A space for reflection on the connections between art and science in contemporary society». Dir. Natalia Tielve and Lorena Lozano, University of Oviedo. This course touches different aspects about the connections between art and science from a historical and sociocultural perspective. It tries to enrich and expand the understanding of interdisciplinary artistic works and explores their social meaning and influence on contemporary life. The program offers tools to extend and deepen the analysis, research and practice of art and is aimed at people interested in artistic and scientific creation. It is based on a hybrid methodology that includes presentations, projection of images and videos, analysis of texts, experiences, visits and debates.

During 2019 the sessions take place in the University Casa de la Buelga, Ciaño, Asturias. Program:…

Leading image: Representation of the Ciborg by Lynn Randolph. Source:

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