Time Inventors’ Kabinet [TIK] is a collaborative experiment with time. For the last three years, a series of artists and thinkers have made an attempt to devise the future of an alternative and ecological time. This transdisciplinary project focuses on non-linearity and parallelism. All kinds of environmental information; be it a city, a field or beehive, can be transformed into sound and vision. Wind time maintains a distributed network that connects gardens in rural areas and cities, bringing them together in non-conventional relational databases, forming one long open green that has its own notion of time.

We are happy to invite you to the end of our 3-year long artistic program “Time Inventors’ Kabinet [TIK]“, an international project in which 3 main organizations, many small ones, and more than 20 media artists worked together around time and ecology. The festival brings a collection of works and ideas that have been explored in a rare long-term and very collaborative project.

Mayo 2012      Saturday 12th, 15 to 17h      Bruselas OKNO GARDEN

The Raw and the Cooked is a round table discussion on the MarketPlace about city agriculture and ecological art. We discuss different approaches as well as the commitment of the artist in the social and the artistic.

Intervention at OKNO Garden, Narratives for an imagined garden by Lorena Lozano

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