Arts, sciences and new forms of the local


Lorena Lozano and Verónica G. Ardura


Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial


Gerfried Stocker

Transferences is a philosophy lab within the collective exhibition ‘Materia Prima experiments on digital art and science’. It proposes the plurality of the arts and sciences and the need to generate collaborative processes of transference to strength the common knowledge. It is an open office, a participative and propositive place for active listening. It is materialized as a mobile module for the Archive of Asturian Artists and a digital interface that gathers testimonies about the social and political meaning of digital technologies and their ethical and aesthetic implications.

exhibition dates:11 de noviembre de 2015 al 8 de mayo de 2016.
artistic direction:Lorena Lozano.
concept:Verónica G. Ardura.
photography documentation:Econodos.

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